Finding balance

I have always been hardworking and driven. My belief system regarding the importance and value of a good work ethic has been a force that has always propelled me – so much so, that it has often been to the detriment of my family.

Work tended to play the priority role in my life, all the while under the guise of ‘working for my family’ – yet robbing me of most of my time and energy resources and leaving very little leftover for my family at all.

Heading towards the age of 40, and having had some intense life-changing experiences, I had made the decision to start moving out of the role of devoted employee, to becoming my own boss. I had some understanding that this would still require hard work, but hopefully, the end goal would be that I would have more time with the people that I love, instead of living past each other like ships in the night.

But then Covid-19 struck, and going into lockdown, fear was ignited in me as I had only recently gone into private practice.

After allowing myself to catch my breath and refocus, I was able to thankfully move my entire business online in a very short space of time. Readjusting my vision and strategy – without the stress of sitting in traffic and losing at least two hours in travel time daily or the panic of having to pay an office rental – I was able to align my work with my life, instead of the other way around as it had previously been.

I no longer felt lost in the hamster wheel of work, but rather shifted my choices and actions to become purposeful, directed and empowered. I started to feel that I was steering the ship instead of just being a passenger.

Even though I teach others how to create this in their lives, my passion for my work had kept me trapped in complacency. Best of all, despite the challenges I have been able to create balance in my life – making time for everything that is important to me, not just work. In fact, what I least expected happened, the less time I spent working and having more time for me = happy me= productive me.

Nikki Munitz

A 40-year-old married mom of two teenagers, Nikki has worked in the field of mental health for 12 years as an addiction specialist and now more recently as a self-development consultant. Her focus is on facilitating self-esteem development in order for her clients to empower themselves to live their lives more effectively.