Downloads (2012 – 2019)

From 2011 to 2019, the Women’s Report was a printed publication, distributed in collaboration with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). A collection of research papers, the report was also available for digital download on the SABPP website. For ease of access, previous years’ reports are available for download below.

Women’s Report 2019: Women and politics

Temporary imbalances are part of the ebb and flow of life, but when these become the norm, it influences how we act and, ultimately, society as a whole. This edition looks at confines disguised as the natural order of all things gender, together with our role in reinforcing it.

Women’s Report 2018: Women blue-collar workers

Women blue-collar workers are underrepresented in South Africa, and many of these women single-handedly support an entire family on their income. This report takes a closer look at the life and work of these women, offering focused interventions to start addressing this gap.

Women’s Report 2017: Fairness in relation to women at work

Fairness is a complex and multifaceted concept that holds different meanings to different people. This edition focuses on the practical considerations in unraveling what fairness towards women means in practice in the workplace.

Women’s Report 2016: Pregnancy in the workplace

This edition examines pregnancy in the workplace, together with suggestions for improved management practices and the sharing of information. Sadly, pregnancy often leads to discriminatory practices, with the woman exiting paid work indefinitely. The contributions to this edition explain the reasons why pregnancy should be normalised and the related legislation, and advises women on harmonising career management and family planning.

Women’s Report 2015: Equal Pay for Equal Value

The topic of this year’s Women’s Report was chosen based on the amendments to the South African Employment Equity Act and resultant inducement for organisations to ensure that there are no gender pay gaps that may lead to litigation. This edition looks at how legislation sharpens and redirects the focus of boards in addressing pay parity.

Women’s Report 2014: Work and women’s reproductive health

The topic of work and women’s reproductive health remains current. When one recognises embodied cognition, a philosophical stance that states that the body influences the mind, it becomes clear that women’s bodies and their unique reproductive functioning are inextricably woven into being a woman. This edition examines the impact of reproductive health on women’s careers, even if they choose not to have children.

Women’s Report 2013: Women and political leadership

The theme of this edition is politics, and it contains a poignant analysis of South African female politicians and their impact, or lack thereof, on advancing the gender cause. The articles provide insight into the history and background of women in South African politics, and critically evaluate the low levels of influence and effect demonstrated by present-day female politicians.

Women’s Report 2012: Practical equity

The strength inherent in diversity is widely recognised, and gender diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles of a healthy workplace. This edition brings insights into practical realities and ways of realising this ideal.