Webinar 11 February 2021
The Rise of the Black Women webinar

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Are you feeling overwhelmed as a woman leader in the corporate world or in business?

Is the global COVID-19 pandemic having an impact on your career as a women leader?

Are you caught up in the day-to-day stress of taking care of your family while working from home?

Join the authors of the 2020 Women’s Report for a webinar that will allow you to share your lived experience while gaining practical tips for your career or business.

  11 February 2021      11:00 to 13:00    hosted on Zoom

The global pandemic has caused women leaders, in corporate and in business, to regress in so many ways. Yet, for resilient women who continue to take up space and relentlessly rise, these difficult times have driven them to focus more on unleashing their #BlackGirlMagic and entrepreneurial power in the workplace. Join the authors of the 2020 Women’s Report for a webinar that will allow you to share your lived experience while gaining practical tips for your career or business. Learn how to:

About Christine

Chichi Christine Kere is an established Careerpreneur and a Coach Consultant with a facilitative strategic approach built from working with leaders in industry and in business across industry sectors including management consulting, telecommunications, education and training, hospitality, and property development. Christine worked in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and South Africa where, because of language barriers, she developed a leader development communication process that enabled employees and students she worked with to grasp their asset value to effectively execute their roles while contributing to their work and life. This led her to establish a social enterprise,Coaching Mentoring Education Africa (CMEA) that focuses on leader development across learning and education divides. She still runs her established consulting company, Watershed Global Institute out of Johannesburg while pursuing academic research and writing for entrepreneurial development as a career.

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About Phumzile

Dr Phumzile Mmope is a leadership communication coach, strategic communication consultant, facilitator, speaker, and writer with a deep understanding of effective communication and how it influences leadership, teams, performance, and organisational culture. In 2020, she made a career change after more than 20 years in the Higher Education sector, to establish Dr Phumzile Mmope Communications – a 100% black female-owned and managed leadership communication and integrated communications consultancy. Dr Mmope cares about the necessity for leaders who build workplaces where people and organisations succeed. Through tailored coaching, support, and practical solutions, she helps leaders and businesses identify and target specific communication pain points that impact effectiveness, productivity, and performance.

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About Nastassja

Nastassja Wessels is a Brand Specialist by profession but considers herself a cultural professional in the making. She completed her Master’s in culture studies (cum laude) with a focus on global communication, at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Her thesis, #FeesMustFall: Discourse hidden in plain sight, highlights various aspects of the social processes at play in South African society – from digital culture to decolonisation of education in South Africa. Her focus on workplace culture was inspired by Prof Anita Bosch who took an interest in her published papers and resulting reflections about the intersections of organisational culture and the external social processes that influence the personal well-being of individuals, especially Black women.

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Facilitator: Nobantu Mpotulo

Nobantu is amongst the first five Africans to be accredited at MCC by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is one of the inaugural international coaches for Ethical Coach. During the design of the Ethical Coach Summit she was one of the main programme designers using UBUNTU, “I am Because We Are”. She does amazing work with clients based on the principles of UBUNTU. Nobantu has been featured at the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) for 3 years, to demonstrate coaching clients using Ubuntu Coaching, an approach she has developed in coaching which has a great transformative impact on clients. She has an MA in Guidance and Counselling from Durham University, UK and was a facilitator in Truth and Reconciliation Healing Workshops for victims and perpetrators of violence in South Africa. She is a sought-after international coach, has experience in varied sectors, worked with managers in the UN Secretariat, ILO, WHO, FAO, and boasts coaching experience in the public and private sectors (financial, mining, ICT, and the motor industry). She uses mindfulness practices, gestalt, and Enneagram in her coaching.

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We should be given every opportunity. And that is what we should be teaching these young girls: to take up space. Nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself.

– Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi

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